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Zola Arctic: Pushing the Limits of Window Performance Through Superior Design & Innovation

June 25th, 2016  |  Published in New Products

Zola Windows is committed to embracing continual product innovation, taking the concept of high-performance windows to the next level. Recently, the company unveiled Zola Arctic, a premium performance window with remarkable versatility across a broad range of temperatures and climates.

In addition to its applications in buildings seeking uncompromising energy performance, the Passive House Institute certifies the new Zola Arctic for extremely cold climates.

Zola Arctic

Zola Arctic – Passive House Institute Certification

Carefully selected and engineered components – timber-aluminum frame, PU-foam insulation, thermal glazing, and a superspace triple seal with butyl as a secondary seal—combine in the Zola Arctic to bring to market a window that delivers high performance in a broad range of temperatures, including extremely cold climates. The Zola Arctic offers thick insulation, boasting an R-value of 15 and quadruple glazing. (The higher a window’s R-value, the greater its resistance to heat flow and the greater its insulating capacity. Compare the Zola Arctic’s R-value to that of Energy Star windows (2.5-3.7 depending on climatic region). Recommended for both commercial and residential projects’ energy-efficient, ultra high-performance goals.

Arctic Window_4

The Zola Arctic offers an exceptionally slim frame, allowing for a light aesthetic profile without compromising thermal performance. This window has a superior visible light transmittance (VT) of 64%, allowing for maximum light and a seamless transition between the interior and exterior. High-performance windows from domestic competitors have VT values of approximately 50%.

“This window performs under the most stringent set of requirements in the world—passive house buildings in Arctic climates. High performance windows and doors often elicit the reaction that they are too costly and over-designed for more temperate climates. However, when our customers run through energy modeling numbers, a high-performance window like the Zola Arctic actually makes sense for a variety of building types and climates. Zola Arctic was recently specified by a commercial building in Southern Oregon, the project team determined that it made more financial sense to add performance to the windows than to direct a limited budget towards insulating the walls,” said Jessica Pfohl, President of Zola Windows.

Arctic Window_2


In line with Zola Windows’ standard high-quality craftsmanship, the Zola Arctic features German concealed hinges, which display a sleek style on the inside, and are also available with marine grade, stainless steel hardware for coastal conditions and rail mounted rainscreen cladding and powder coated aluminum exterior for longevity. Not only does this product feature outstanding thermal performance and extreme airtightness, but it is also crafted from responsibly harvested wood, (FSC® 100% certified wood is standard), and is available in numerous standard finish and color options.

This product is virtually limitless. Along with its ultra high-performance climate profile, Zola Arctic windows can be designed for very wide openings: the Fixed Windows can be as large as 8-feet wide and 10-feet high, while the Tilt & Turn Windows are compatible with expanses as large as 5-feet wide by 9-feet high.