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Energy Design Update Features Zola’s New American Heritage SDH

January 13th, 2015  |  Published in New Products, Press

NYC Historice Simulated Double Hung-3

Zola’s new American Heritage SDH (simulated double hung) was selected for inclusion in the December 2014 edition of Energy Design Update, an industry-leading monthly publication on energy-efficient housing.  Check out the article here.

henderson facade final

Today’s renovations of historic buildings are becoming increasingly focused on achieving maximum energy efficiency for reduced monthly utilities costs and a minimized carbon footprint.  In energy efficient retrofits, air tightness and R-values of the windows become crucial, which cannot be achieved with sliding windows. Double hung windows, which are very common in older buildings, present a major challenge to architects and builders aiming to significantly improve energy efficiency of historic buildings while preserving their architectural heritage. The Zola American Heritage SDH features R-11 glass and triple air seals. At the same time, it maintains the original architectural aesthetic due to its historic style, proportions, and also the clever use of offset glass planes that create the shadow line that is characteristic of a historic double hung window.

close up of sdh

The American Heritage SDH window features a tilt & turn lower and fixed upper.  The clever use of offset glass planes creates the shadow line that is characteristic of a historic double hung window.  For more information this product line, see our website.   Also see a case study on our blog featuring an interview with an architect who used these windows in a passive house retrofit in Brooklyn, NY.