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Zola Unveils New Stain Option: Naked Finish

October 2nd, 2014  |  Published in New Products

Pine and Oak with Zola's Naked Finish

Unfinished wood? No, this pine and oak have been finished with Zola’s Naked Finish.


We are excited to announce a new stain option for interior wood on Classic and Thermo Wood, Classic and Thermo Clad, and ZNC lines- Naked Finish™.  This simple new finish provides the look of unfinished wood, showcasing the natural color and grain of the wood, complimenting the clean lines and quality craftsmanship of Zola’s windows and doors.  Despite the unfinished appearance, Zola’s Naked Finish provides outstanding protection for interior purposes.   Naked Finish is available for application on pine and oak.

Naked Finish™ is available at no surcharge.  Zola Vice-President and Swiss-trained architect, Florian Speier, comments, “We are striving to continue to offer the broadest range of beautiful finish options for our customers.  When I started this company my goal was to provide the most attractive windows possible to enable the greatest design flexibility for architects and years of enjoyment for the building occupants.  Part of maintaining that unique appeal is to continue to push the envelope in terms of the available finish options, which we have also done by making FSC-certified wood standard for pine and oak.  I am quite confident that our true-to-the-material Naked Finish will really resonate with today’s designs.  It has a very clean look that will be complimentary to the aesthetics of many of the beautiful architectural designs our windows are going into, without being overpowering.  The appearance of the wood is honest and understated.”

This new standard option augments Zola’s broad range of finish choices.   Zola customers have their choice of over 300 standard paint colors and dozens of stains ranging from deep reddish browns to a Scandinavian-style white wash.


Our standard clear finish on finger-jointed pine vs. our new Naked Finish