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Gray Magazine: The Sound of Good Design

August 21st, 2018  |  Published in Press

The August/September 2018 issue of Gray Magazine features a modern house on Washington’s Bellingham Bay that is designed by architect, Ryan Stephenson.

“How do I not ruin this?” That was architect Ryan Stephenson’s first thought when he arrived at a rural project site near Washington’s lush Larrabee State Park in the summer of 2014. Set on the coast and commanding an immense view of Bellingham Bay, the Olympic Mountains to the south, and Canada beyond the water, the plot called for a design that approached its awe-inspiring natural beauty with care. In his potential clients, a lively couple in their 50’s, Stephenson found kindred spirits. All three share an appreciation for superior craftsmanship and the humility, passion, and study that it requires. Stephenson launched his architecture firm, Stephenson Design Collective, in 2009, building up a portfolio of modern single-family homes, but a background in construction gives him a leg up in understanding the hands-on process of building a house.”

The project features Zola’s Classic Clad line of windows and doors, offering thermal performance that far exceed most domestic windows. This line is an excellent choice for energy-efficient projects that are not seeking the highest levels of performance, but still appreciate the beauty and durability of a fine, custom-crafted window. Featuring a 68mm deep frame and double glazing.

Click on the cover to read the entire article, and view the Zola Windows’ installed throughout the home.

Gray Magazine_Aug 2018